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Flo Fitzpatrick was born in Washington D.C., then became a world traveler while still in diapers. An Army brat, Flo lived in Virginia, Georgia and a castle in France, all before she hit five.

Her first authored work (age four) was science-fiction piece, "The Bug on the Wall." It consisted of two sentences. "There was a bug. It was on the wall."

When she was eight, she went full-tilt boogie and wrote three chapters for what was intended to be a complete novel entitled, "The Skinner Family Goes to Ireland." The plot consisted of the Skinner family heading to Ireland to visit their Aunt Donna who lived on a potato farm and owned a swimming pool. Flo's older brothers, twins, were somewhat skeptical that the Skinners would make it to Ireland via train from New York City across the Atlantic. Her next book (age nine) was more realistic. "The Mystery of the Greenhouse" was written while she was living in El Paso, so the greenhouse setting might have been a buffer against all the tumbleweeds. Sadly, this masterpiece was lost somewhere in transition and travel over the years.

Flo earned a B.F.A. in Dance at Southern Methodist University and an M.A. in Theatre at Baylor, then spent her years after college shuttling back and forth from Texas to New York performing, teaching and choreographing. During her career in theatre, Flo has played nice ladies (Nellie-South Pacific), not-so-nice ladies (Lily St. Regis-Annie) and dead ladies who weren't very ladylike (three murdered hookers in melodrama Jack the Ripper) The last, she claims, was tough. She spent the first ten minutes of the show "dead", lying on the floor trying not to breathe - or wince from paper wads thrown by enthusiastic audiences. One of her favorite theatrical experiences was playing a variety of characters (bag ladies and Cyndi Lauper-styled tourists) for the Japanese language show NY-Go! which aired on Manhattan cable stations.

"Flo currently lives in Alabama, and while she admits it's a beautiful state, she's homesick for her favorite Tex-Mex restaurant back in Waco. But Flo is thrilled to be singing with jazz group The Usual Suspects-Clanton so trading in Fajitas for a microphone is definitely worthwhile."